DHC Olive Concentrated Cleansing Oil



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This rich, luxurious facial oil cleanser is a favorite among those with drier skin.  It removes all traces of makeup, dissolves impurities and unclogs pores—all without upsetting your skin’s pH balance or leaving any oily residue.

It’s also good for any skin type when harsh weather and overheated interiors can cause skin dehydration. Its all-natural, delicate aroma comes from its most abundant ingredient, organic olive oil – a natural skin hydrator and protector against free radical damage.

 The 100% organic olive oil-based formulation works on the scientific premise that “like attracts like.” This rich, naturally golden-hued olive oil-based cleanser binds with dirt and effortlessly breaks down sunscreen, sebum and stubborn makeup, like waterproof mascara and eyeliner. The water-soluble formula rinses away without any oily feel. Its silky feel and delicate, natural aroma make cleansing your face feel like a luxurious spa experience. It’s ideal for all skin types and concerns, but the most dry, dehydrated skin will find extra relief.

Ideal for dry and sensitive skin types.